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Feel safe in the knowledge that your car is stored in a secure and safe facility. With state of the art security systems both inside and outside the store, 24 hour CCTV monitoring and a permanent staff presence on site, your car will be safe with us.

Climate Controlled Storage

All of our facilities are heated and humidity controlled, so there is no need for individual bubbles. We maintain a constant temperature of 20 degrees centigrade in all stores and a relative humidity of between 50 - 56%. All of our car spaces have rubber flooring to help prevent flat spots. This is what separates us from all the others, we only want the best for your car.

First Class Storage

Do you want more space for your car? Do you want the reassurance that your car is further away from other cars? Our 'First Class' storage spaces measure 3m wide x 5m long . Included in this storage package: we will cover your vehicle with one of our luxurious soft, fitted car covers and your battery connected to a Ctek battery conditioner. Your car will get a mini valet and multi point vehicle check prior to storage each time the vehicle is returned. Your car will also qualify for a free MOT when required (min. storage period 6 months).

Business Class Storage

Because of the high standard of our facilities, with temperature and humidity controlled storage as standard, we believe none of our car storage spaces are anything less than 'Business Class'.  The business class storage space measures 2.5m wide by 5m long and has its own electrical supply for charging purposes. Your vehicle will be covered with polyethylene sheeting or your own cover. Fitted soft car covers and Ctek battery conditioners are available to purchase.

Multiple Car Storage

If you have more than one car you need to store, then take advantage of our multiple car storage discount. Each car will still have access to a power point for trickle charging and area  is worked out on a 2.5x5m spacing per car. 

Extra Large Spaces

We have a limited number of extra wide spaces for anyone who wants that extra luxury of having more space. These storage spaces are substantially bigger, measuring either 4.4m wide by 5.5m long, 5.5m wide by 5.5m long or 3m wide by 10m long. Contact us to find out more.

Battery Charging

All of our car spaces have their own electrical sockets for the use of trickle charging. We can provide you with a quality Ctek trickle charger / battery conditioner for £90, to give you peace of mind that your car will always be ready to go, when ever you want it.

Bike / Boat / Campervan / Car Trailer

If you are looking to store other vehicle types then we have the space for you. Like our business car storage we will cover your vehicle with a polyethylene sheet and disconnect your battery. Fitted soft covers and Ctek battery conditioners are available to purchase.